Tuesday, September 14, 2021

I Changed My Mind About The VMA Clips

 The file size of the clips off my phone were too big for Blogger so instead of resizing I just posted most of them on Instagram!!! So follow me on my Instagram page to see them. My Instagram is sapienfilms 

Thanks and I will put a few pictures up on my blog 


VMAs Audience Clips

 So a young lady named Kayla H. who works for MTV offered me 4 tickets to the VMAs at the last minute. Of course, I accepted and had the ULITIMATE MUSIC EXPERIENCE!!! We were literally a few feet from one of  the stage sides (seeing that the stage was a circle that filled the Barclay Center in Brooklyn).  Instead of explaining the clips I am just going to post them over time and let you explore what you like!!! But here’s some pictures of the outside of the event. Greg Chater (in pink shirt) joined us that night... Hilarious... just a few minutes before I took his picture Paris Hilton drove by waving to us in a lime green Mini Cooper! That’s hot! LOL 😂 



Thursday, September 09, 2021

Would Love To Have This Made Into A Series

 I wrote a script about 15 years ago and turned it into a 20 minute short film about 10 years ago. It was based on the real teams of mental health care workers who service the tristate area helping the mentally disabled and ill.

Here’s the trailer for it and if you are interested in it check out Coverfly to read it.

Wednesday, September 08, 2021

BOY: A Story Based On True Events

I wrote this story about I and my brother growing up in the worst of conditions and later in life just before he passed having a mental illness/misjudgment about him when I got ill.
I hope you enjoy the book trailer and pick up a copy of it online! It would make a great film 🎥!!!


Saturday, September 04, 2021

If You’re Interested In Leaving A Comment

 Every once in a while I will leave my email address on the blog because the link between my email and my blog is broken. If you wish to contact me please email nathanwaire@gmail.com or call/text 9088683145 and I will gladly respond!!!! 


 I am very proud of the speed of which the article in their online magazine was published. I can't believe it...I got an interview with NY GLAMOUR MAGAZINE !!!!

Below is the link to the article. Thank you for reading and liking the article!!!


Wednesday, September 01, 2021

The Award of Eminence for HG3

 I got the award in my email about HG3 from The Swedish International Film Festival!!! 

Take a look!!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Scripts available on Taleflick and Coverfly!!!

Greetings all

I  just want to let all producers and production companies know that some of my old and new scripts are available on Taleflick and Coverfly!!! I recently put up Boy, The Zen Cookbook or How The Cosmos Can Screw You Left Then Right, Displaced (all feature legnth movies and 2 of the scripts were my first 2 times writing ) The PACT and Human Game 3 (TV series) Hung Out to Dry (a webisode) and The Lepidopteran 1, 2 & 3 (a crossover series that can be made for TV or film)!!! 

 So go to those sites and check out my work for yourself!

 With respect 

Friday, August 20, 2021

HG3 is on the Red List

On Coverfly's Red List HG3 is ranked 20 overall with it being ranked 12 in the past year and 2 in the past month!!!! Also, for Web series it is ranked #3 and is in top 42% on Coverfly
Cheers!!! N8