Sunday, July 27, 2014

If You Own Everything Do Something

Another Pic

The Mess Next Door

A tree fell in our yard from the neighbor's backyard. It took them a full six months to clean the mess up yet a year later a chicken wire fence is still buried under this shrubbery. I cleaned my yard why can't they??? BTW these are the neighbors who own stores and have doctors and lawyers in their family...

Poverty is a state of mind... Huh???



Friday, July 25, 2014

So Dorothy Has A Halberd, A Laser Rifle, & Gladiator Shoes Instead Of Red Slippers...

Not sure, however, she may call her halberd, Toto??? She is very young looking yet amongst "The Eternalness" is one of oldest. The Eternalness are a group of planets composed of kingdoms. The Egyptian, to which I call Dorothy, is a high ranking official and skilled combatant. She has a affinity for the Lepidopteran and like him is extremely playful. The joke is that the Lepidopteran is focused solely and soul(fully) on the Oracle.
I will be looking for someone in their 20s who is athletic and capable combat sequences even if dialog for this character is paramount. See you next year...

Good (with a little will power & a lot hope) Hunting, kids!!!



Friday, July 18, 2014

Laughing At You...

Meant to say 'laughing at your verbiage'. I'd rather laugh at myself than at someone else.

I thought mistakes like that happened only when texting??? That's why I try not to text... Is this where I put a -> LOL even if it isn't too loud? ;P



Thursday, July 17, 2014

Bones, "D@mn It, Jim, I'm A Wizard White As An Eggshell Not A Doctor!"

You are going to have to wait longer for more hints yet... Many men... Many, many men (wish this guy) on our four leads!! Hines sight or should I say hind sight ain't this... Oh,dear(sp) it is going to take more than all the king's men to put him back together again!!! No tears over spilt milk or a few broken eggs. Hmmm... He maybe at the grave but the gold is not buried in the tomb and all the king's men are golden!!! When you are golden that term from the cradle to the grave don't mean nothing (teachers should I have said anything... at all?!? ^_^ )

Laughing at you •)


This Butterfly Has A Mean Bite...

An oni and hero, the Lepidopteran is often a misunderstood character who takes on the image of the things he has to deal with even if the things he has to deal with don't look anything like the way they actually behave.
In this timeline tale your helmet reflects your mission, hence, he is an end game character who is more dangerous than the image presented. Don't let his smile deceive you. He is the type of man who is going to redefine the term "sin-eater".



Wednesday, July 16, 2014

And Wearable Helmet

Apparently this I wasn't able to post all the images together so separate posts were necessary because someone had a learning problem.

His Armor



(L). The Lepidopteran (This butterfly has a heart of gold, a mean bite, and a few identity issues.)
(O). The Oracle (Her vision leads to victory!!)
(V). The Viking (This hero is the light; his golden armor is never blemished.)
(E) The Egyptian (Dorothy is not in Kansas anymore via the Egypt of legend and folklore.)

Will be casting for a medium size production next year if you would like to audition address is below. That's my mom's house so be careful that Beowulf story had some truth to it.


Friday, July 11, 2014

PROJECT: GHOST HAMMER ( The Mjolner Template and The Green Man Ax )

Coming soon...

Just when you thought it was over that is when it has just begun.
N8 •)

Friday, June 20, 2014